#note9 : Initial Impressions

Note 9, the latest and greatest from Samsung on its Note lineup, how does the phone stand up to the expectations ?

Samsung has the policy of announcing two flagships in 12 month period, the one for the S-series and one on the Note lineup. The S-series is aimed at common public, but the Note lineup is rather lined up for some pretty unique line of customers. From business man to media nerds out there who are looking for giant screens, the Note is a giant screen version of S-series phones.

Note 9 is equipped with Exynos 9810 Octa core chipset for European and Asian markets while Qualcomm 845 powers its US and China counterparts. It has 8 GB of RAM on 512 GB model while 128 GB model is equipped with 6 GB of RAM. It has 12 MP camera with OIS with secondary camera providing optical zoom functionality. Like S9, Note 9 can capture ultra slow motion videos at 960fps for 720p. It is magnificently designed with glass back coupled with shiny coat of black,blue or copper/gold and lavender/purple colours.

The Note is very thoughtfully designed and unlike the competition, Samsung prefers to keep the smaller bezels instead of fully eliminating them. The screen is a gorgeous 1440x2960p HDR compliant AMOLED display.

Apart from the usual stuffs, Note 9 has some pretty interesting additions to this years model. The phone is treated with a 4000 Mah power battery which is the largest battery to be ever placed in an Samsung device which in my opinion is a bold decision to make after the Note 7 battery explosions. Let’s hope that Samsung has taken appropriate quality checks to prevent that from happening again.

The phone has finger print sensor, an iris scanner and face recognition for security.The Samsung Dex feature which converts the phone into a desktop with a dongle is now improved and now does not require an dongle but rather all you need is a USB-C to HDMI convertor to plug it into a monitor and keyboard. That being said, Samsung has also mentioned that it has taken appropriate steps to improve cooling in the device that should improve performance of the device. Most of the android flagships thermal throttle due to lack of proper cooling and a copper heat pipe may help in increasing performance. The storage can be increased by adding memory card up to 512 GB, which gives us 1TB of storage on 512 GB model. Take that MacBook.

All these features does not make a Note a Note. Something that sets Note series apart from others is the battery life and the stylus. 4000 Mah means that the battery should last for an entire day even with heavy usage its time we talk about the stylus. Note taking? Drawing? Capturing screen shot ? The stylus has plenty of useful features packed into it that makes life of most of the people much easier. The design of the stylus is improved from previous years which was already the best stylus in the market. One should have hands on experience with the Note in order to appreciate the stylus.

Something that I hope that Samsung could of done is sound quality. Come on Samsung, you decided to have bezels in 2018, you could have thrown an front facing speaker in the space. I still miss the wonderful sound quality that M7 and M8 had.

The Note 9 is priced at $999 dollar for 128GB model and whopping $1299 for 512 GB model and it comes in Silver,Blue,Copper and Lavender colours. It’s seems that time has come for us to sell $1000 on smartphones.

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