One Day Trip to Goa : Part 2

My experience of travelling to Goa : Part 2

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Most of the fisherman was stuck in the sea during the Ockhi storm because there was no warning of a storm near the Kanyakumari shore and when the warning came, most of the fisherman man was already at the sea. The Navy sent out planes and helicopters to search for the missing fisherman and hundreds of them were rescued from the sea on the upcoming days.

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Next stop from Naval Aviation Museum was heart shaped lake at near the coast. I found the lake from Google Maps and there wasn’t any route mentioned to reach the spot. I assumed that maps would have been incomplete and decided to go there anyway. But maps was right. There was no road to connect to the spot. There was only a walk passage that i wasn’t sure where it lead to. But i decided to go further ahead anyway. The stupid decision i made was to use my scooter on the walkway to reach the lake. The path was fine for a short distance but then came the treacherous paths that was so rocky that i couldn’t find a way to ride with my scooter. I couldn’t park it there because the path was covered by dense trees and shrubs. It was like going through a mountain forest. The problem was not that i couldn’t park the vehicle. The problem is that if the tyre gets punctured in anyway, then i literally have to push the vehicle miles in order to mend it and not to mention, i didn’t know where i could mend it anyway. I relied too much on Google Maps and it does not have information like these anyway.

I decided to go further ahead. It was raining when i first landed in Goa and there was puddles of water all over the pathway. What more can i expect ? It’s like it was middle of a forest. Getting my tyre punctured was one problem but i got afraid of the fact that there could be a snake lying nearby. Who knows what animals comes out when it rains. It was cloudy and i have to get out of that place before it starts raining again. But a little part of my heart wanted me to go further ahead. Going further, the road split into two. I decided to take the one that went to my left, and when i went along the track all of a sudden there was a huge tree covering the way and there is no way that i could ride down further. I decided to give the another way a try. A little further on the path, the tree cover cleared and the path was clearer. It was still covered with rocks and i decided to leave my scooter there and walk the rest of the way. I could hear the sound of waves and i assumed that the sea is pretty close by. And sure it was. 

It was a cliff top. The winds were so strong that i literally couldn’t stand at a point for more than a second. And down was the heart shaped lake and few feet from it the seashore filled with rocks and waves crashing down on it. The view was so terrific that it was worth the ride. On my way walking to the cliff i saw a guy going down alone. And i was alone too. I was afraid that he might steal away the bike or something that i wanted to go down as soon as possible. I took as much photos and videos as possible and although i wanted to stay there for a short longer, i decided to go down. The bike was there safe and sound. But at that moment i could hear my heart beat from the fear of what would i have done if someone had stolen the vehicle.

Next stop was at Bogmalo Beach at the back of the airport. All beaches were the same if there aren’t any additional attractions like boat rides or surfing and diving which would be usually at Goa. My back luck, the weather was so bad that there was no people at the beach. The beach was so rough that people stayed away from it. I was taking my photos and all of a sudden, it started raining heavily. I was completely wet from top to bottom. I didn’t have a change of clothes which was stupid of me to not to take. Well, i how could i go into the airport now ? Hope that it doesn’t rain for rest of my trip and that i get dry before i reach the airport. Piece of advice. Traveling for another town ? Always have a spare dress with you. Anything could happen.

I went to two more places that i found in maps. The holy cross chapel which is about 10 kms from the airport. A sea bridge connects the main land to the chapel. I spent a pretty decent amount of time staring at the waves crashing at the pillars in the middle of the bridge. But i wanted to go. I loved the road that connected the airport to the chapel. The road connects Vasco to Panaji the capital of Goa. The road line is near the sea with shores on one side and palm trees on the other. The combination of blue and green along with the cold ones is one of the best feelings that even a million dollars would not give me.

I went to Japanese Garden from the chapel. The Japanese garden lies on top of a cliff near the shore line. There was benches near the cliff end. I decided to stop and sit there for a while. A slight breeze of wind, the sound of waves crashing at the cliffs, the tree shade, the slight breeze of rain along with smell of salt water combined with bench is so perfect that i decided to sleep there. I woke up at 2 in the morning for the flight. I expected that i would sleep at some point in the trip and that was the perfect spot. I slept for an hour there before i woke up because of hunger.

I went to Hotel Cascade near by. It’s closest hotel that was open at that time and that close enough so that i could reach the airport on time. I was 3 already and i have to reach the airport by 5.

I decided to have squids for a change. All other things i found in the menu are the stuffs i normally eat. Squid was something that i didn’t try before. They tasted fine. But they were too spicy for me. But combined with fried rice, its a perfect dish to have. 

I decided to ride a little before i returned the bike. I rode for about 30 kms along the shoreline road i mentioned about ( Officially its NH 336). I returned the bike and the bike lending guy dropped me over at the airport. The airport was crowded but i made it through the security on time as i didn’t have any luggage to drop. If you have check in luggage, i would advice you to reach the airport soon as its pretty crowded usually.

It’s one of the first trips that i went alone. And it was fun. I learned a lot about the people and culture of Goa which i would post in the blog soon. Stay tuned for that.

If you have any suggestions on how i could improve my writings, comment below. 

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