Moore Market : Chennai. What’s so special?

Ever visited Moore Market over at Chennai ? What’s so special about it ? And what can you get there ?

Well, my objective was simple. To buy some books and everyone living over at Chennai knows that Moore Market is the best place to buy second hand books in the city. Hop on metro and shortly i was at Chennai Central Railway Station. Take left at from the entrance of Moore Market Railway Station and viola welcome to Moore Market.

Name a thing. Books apart, you can find mobile phones, electronic gadgets, mobile phone covers and even old school bags and empty vodka bottles. Everything that is old and needs to be sold is found there. The things that are found here is usually sold by people who wants to get rid of their used stuffs.

Finding the book i needed wasn’t so tough. The moment you enter the market, shop keepers surround yourselves and get you to look at their shop. Finding  the book wasn’t so tough. It took me a minute literally.

The main thing that you need to care when you shop over at Moore Market is to look at the price of the goods they are selling. If they find that you are ready to pay a lot, then they charge you a lot. You have to bargain. A lot. And you would be surprised to find out how drastically the price gets reduced.

A walk around the market, i was surprised to find the variety of mobiles the shop keeper had. From first generation of iPhones to latest ones. But as said before, if you are not careful about the pricing and if you don’t bargain, the chances that you get cheated with a high price tag is pretty high.

I tried my luck with a mobile phone seller. The initial price for the lumia that he mentioned was Rs.3000. Its a old generation model and it was pretty badly damaged. Its easily not worth 3000 rupees. A little bargaining bought the price to as low as 2000 rupees. To note here, i am not a pretty good bargainer and i am sure if its someone else other than me, would have bought the price even lower.

Looking for some antique products like old mobile phones or decoration items for your new home (well i like to decorate with electronic gadgets 😛 ) or want to buy novels at cheaper prices.

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