What Makes Interstellar Movie so Interesting ? : Anatomy of Story Telling

Are you one of the fan boy of famous science fiction story interstellar ? What makes it so interesting ? And what is the anatomy of story telling ?

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Story telling is an art. It takes immense work to take the audience into the story. Music on the other hand has a important role in story telling. It’s the music that immerses the audience into the story and brings the sensation and emotions of the scenes into people watching the story.

Ever watched a movie that has a bomb diffusing scene ? The timer sound that is added into the movie to bring up the sense of urgency or to make the audience realise the importance of time in the particular scene.

Check out this sequence of clip. Listen closely to the background sound track.

Recognise the ticking of clock ? Haven’t yet?  Listen again.

The initial tick at the starting is slow at 40 bpm. It was placed to make the audience understand the importance of time that the characters spend on the planet. As soon as Cooper realises that the object that they initially thought as mountains are not mountains but rather waves and that a wave is coming right behind them, the music slowing increases pace and as the wave moves closer and closer, the pace of the music increases more and more introducing more and more suspense and sense of urgency and fear among the minds of audience.

With each tick of the score, Nolan and Hans Zimmer makes the audience wonder if the crew would safely reach the ship or not. Suspense and tension rises with every tick and that makes the scene more and more interesting to watch. And that is the ticking clock at action. One of a example of which music and narrative story telling is used to immerse the audience more and more into the story. The more immersive the story is, the more closer you get with the characters and eventually the movie.

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