Mission Impossible Fallout: IMAX review

So, the next edition of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible:Fallout is out. And here’s my review of watching the movie.

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Stunts after stunts. That’s what Mission Impossible and Tom Cruise is acclaimed of and the movie stands up to the experience.

Tom Cruise is brilliant as usual. The storyline has mixup of stories from previous edition of the movies unlike the other instalments. So, if you are watching the series for the first time, it’s better that you know the characters from the older movies.

The movie was never at a slow pace from the beginning. (Spoilers ahead) From the scene where Tom Cruise jumps from the aircraft to the helicopter chase scene, there is nothing less of a Tom Cruise movie.

And the stunts is what Tom Cruise is all about. An actor who is willing to take a step ahead to make the movie more realistic. Unlike other action movies, all the scenes are shot in person and there is no CGI involved and you can feel it in each and every scene.

The movie is really worth watching more than once.

Coming to IMAX, only one scene is shot on IMAX (as far as i cal tell) and rest of the movie is digitally remastered for the bigger screen. IMAX is big and more clear than the usual movie theatre, but after watching movies like Avengers:Infinity War which is fully shot on IMAX, you expect more. But all that fades away when the scene that’s shot in IMAX comes up. The picture is more clear,sharp,bright and more vivid. Its something different and you have to see it in order to feel the difference. I may defend IMAX everywhere, but one scene or more it makes the movie more beautiful. And those 10 minutes are worth the money you pay extra for IMAX.

To conclude, Mission Impossible is easily one of the best action movies of 2018. A must watch for action movie fans.

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