Is Tesla the future ?

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer opened up orders for Model 3 in US which was on closed and people had to reserve to get the car until now. So what’s up with Tesla and is it the future of automobile ?

Tesla. Brain child of entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk put up his own money which he got by selling his shares on PayPal on two companies. SpaceX and Tesla. Elon understood the need for electric cars in the future for an sustained environment. He understood that as fuel demand increases and reserves reduces, electric is the future. Elon founded Tesla to be the future.

When Elon founded Tesla, electric cars were bulky and needed to be charged often. It was no way suited to be an everyday car. People thought that Tesla was a big mistake and would be a huge failure. Investors were not interested in investing on Tesla. 15 years after the company was founded, Tesla is the largest automobile company in the world in terms of investment. Larger than the automotive giant Ford Motors.

When Tesla founded, Elon had a mission. To build a mass produced affordable electric car. To accomplish that, he designed three steps.

  1. Build a luxury sports car that could fund the company to build and design more cars. The Tesla Roadster.
  2. Build a cheaper but still a costly car to fine tune the design and to construct a factory large enough to mass produce cheaper cars.
  3. Build affordable electric car.

Tesla Roadster is the answer to the first question. Then came the Tesla Model S. The car that designed the market for ever. Model S screamed quality and technology in every aspect of its design. It could reach 0-60 mph in 2.5 sec faster than any gas car. It had a total range of upto 335 miles.

But once you get out of your home, you cannot charge your car. Tesla had a solution for that. The SuperChargers. Like petrol pumps, Tesla opened charging stations around the country and people could stop and charge the car at the charging station like you would at a gas station. More over the charging was free !! The Super Chargers are powered by solar panels. It takes half an hour to charge the car again to 80% and Elon placed the super chargers around restaurants so that people could have a stop over when the car gets charged. People liked the idea and actually completed around the Europe trips using Tesla.

One of the highlighting features for me is Auto Pilot. The car could drive itself on highways. Park the car in parking slot. Park and get the car in and out of garage. It was a game changer.

Tesla changed the automotive industry. The industry that remained unchanged for more than 50 years. Companies tried and failed in automotive industry. But Tesla had a bold mission and succeeded. Model 3 is the first mass produced affordable electric car in the market. It starts at 45000$ for base model which is the average price for a car in american market.

Companies like Ford,Volkswagen now feel the need to design and introduce electric car in the market. But still Tesla has an edge. Tesla now has the design to manufacture long range electric cars. It has 1300 supercharging stations across the country. It has the infrastructure that is necessary to support long range electric vehicles that other companies lag behind. And more over people trust Tesla. Its brand has a niche that is far more valuable than any other points mentioned above. It’s time until we see how this turns up.

What do you think ? Is Elon’s goal in bringing all electric market possible ? Comment your thoughts below.

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