A Day in Goa ? : Trip Report (Part 1)

My experience in travelling to Goa for a day.

The main objective in this trip was to experience how it would be to travel to a place for a single day without any knowledge about the place. To be frank, i literally didn’t plan anything before the trip. The only plan i had was that i had to rent a bike so that i could visit as many places i could.

My day started at 3:00 AM. My flight to Goa from Chennai was scheduled to leave at 4:50 AM. I reached at airport at around 3:20 AM as there is no traffic at night. I checked in and cleared security as i had no luggage to drop and i was among the few people at the airport.

My flight should have reached Goa Dabolim Airport at 6:20 AM and i planned to rent bike at a shop near airport as it was mentioned to be open from 6 AM in Google. Indigo flights are on-time mostly. On time meaning it should have reached Goa at 6:20 AM. OK. It’s early. 6:00 AM is acceptable. But the flight reached Goa at 5:30 AM itself. I boarded the aircraft. Had the sandwich i per ordered for the flight. 10 minutes later, we were descending to the airport. My Air India flight to Tiruchirapally, a city 500 kms from Chennai took longer. I reached the airport an hour early. 5:20 is still too early for any airport. I had no checked-in luggage, so i reached out of the airport in less than 5 minutes.

OK. We are early. That’s good. I decided to walk upto the bike rental shop. Taxis from the airport are always too costly. I followed Google Maps. I reached the location that was mentioned in the maps. It took me 20 minutes of slow walking + photography to reach there. But where is the shop ? I couldn’t find any shop there. It started raining soon. What? At the beginning itself? I didn’t carry a water proof bag that day and i had my laptop in it. Thank God that the rain stopped soon. It’s 6:30 now. Okay. Let’s call the guy at the shop. The guy was so cool. I told him i was standing at the place mentioned in the maps. I couldn’t exactly define where i was. Only place i knew was the airport. Both of us agreed to meet at the airport. I picked up the bike from him at the airport after exchanging it for my ID proof. He charged me a reasonable price for a Honda Activa.

Okay. Where to go now ? I had few ideas on where to go from Google. But after this incident, i doubted if i should really trust Google from now. The rental guy suggested a beach nearby. I decided to go there. Baina Beach. It was great view from there. The sea was pretty rough. There was no way that i could bath in it. The waves were higher than me. The islands nearby were sight to the eyes. If the seas weren’t so rough i bet there would would have been a boat ride over to the islands. I figured out that i couldn’t venture into the sea as anyone would in Goa because of the rough seas.

Next up was Naval Aviation Museum. I thought of visiting a park beach combo nearby but i couldn’t reach it because of Google Maps. I am unfamiliar with Google’s voice navigation and when it says turn right, there is a actual right nearby. But what Google mentioned would have been a right 50 meters away. i circled a location for a long time and decided that this would not work out and decided to visit prominent places first and thus the Naval Aviation Museum. The blog about visit to Naval Museum can be read here. I spent more than 2 hours there. I had lunch with some Navy pilots at the canteen there. And their stories. Man that’s one of the best stories that i have heard in my life. One mentioned how himself and Indian Navy assisted Maldives during the recent storm Ockhi.

The storm rescue story and rest of the Goa trip to be continued in Part 2 of the blog.

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