Why Decathlon is one stop for sports ?

My experience of shopping at Decathlon.

History short, Decathlon is a french sports goods retailer who opened their shelves in India after FDI laws passed in the country. Decathlon is the largest sports retailer in the world.

For a long time EBR was asking me to give decathlon a visit. When i thought of buying a bicycle, Decathlon came to my mind and i decided to give the retailer a shot. I was surprised by the variety of items they had in the shop. Name a sport or name a equipment that you need to buy. You can find everything in Decathlon(It’s the first place in Chennai where i found tents). And for every sport, they have a separate executive to guide you to buy the items. And the executives aren’t some random dude that has been trained to guide customers but rather enthusiastic guys who are actually into the particular sport and looking to earn money from part time jobs. I would say that instead of a earning money, the executives main interest in the job would have been because that they actually wanted to guide newbies into a particular sport.

That being said, Decathlon is not a place where you can find all branded sports equipments. For every sport, Decathlon has a brand on their own, Btwin as an example for cycles. If you are a pro, then Decathlon is not the place for you to buy sports equipments other then dresses and shoes. I play tennis a lot and i didn’t find any racquets that might interest pro players.

If you are a newbie or if you prefer Decathlon brands, then its the best place where you can find sports goods. Prices are reasonable.

There are two ways in which retailers sells their goods. Some retailers consider to dump as many goods on you as possible when you visit them. Some retailers put consumer first and sells goods that you need on a belief that from the behaviour you would give them a visit again based on trust. Decathlon was one among them and to my suprise convinced me not to buy a particular item just because i wouldn’t need it. And their tactics sure does work as i am ready to give them another visit.

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