Indian Navy: Visit to Naval Aviation Museum,Goa

When you visit a place like Naval museum, you learn more about the pride and power of our armed forces.

India is one of the oldest countries with naval power. Cholas had a navy of their own and conquered the seas to the east. They had major influence in trade and power as far as Java and Sumantra largest because of their immense naval strength.



The modern Indian Navy was established by the British Raj as the Royal Indian Navy in the year 1612, which later after independence became the Indian Navy. From the beginning, our leaders were keen on improving the strength on the countries armed forces so that she could defend herself from enemies of the North or else where if attacked. Indian Navy is one of the largest Navy in the world. By 2019, the Navy is planned to have a fleet size of over 150 ships with over 500 aircrafts.

The indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant could carry approximately 66 aircrafts and helicopters. Our guided missile destroyer class Vishakapatnam is considered among the world’s most deadly guided missile destroyers. In addition to ships and submarines, the Electronic warfare system designed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation can perform platform centric force to a network centric force by linking all shore-based installations and ships via a high-speed data networks and satellites. ISRO launched GSAT-7 to provide network centric atmosphere having real-time networking of all its operational assets at sea and on land.


The museum gave a different feeling among me when i visited it. Standing amongst the remains of the aircrafts that once served our nation. Each aircraft had a story to tell. The Super constellation transport aircraft carried armed personnel during naval reconnaissance missions. The Sea Hawk fighter carried by our first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant (Named similar to indigenous aircraft carrier) had major contribution during the India-Pakistan war of 1971.

It takes someone courage to join the armed forces. Our country is one of the largest armies with personal joining voluntarily. Respect to every members of the armed forces who work day and night so that we could sleep peacefully at our homes.

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