The New 2018 Macbook Pro.

Apple announced its new line up of Macbook Pro’s for the year 2018 and it turns out its pretty damn interesting.

For a long time, Mac’s have been a system of choice for content creators and editors. And for a long time, Apple didn’t seem to care them. For the past two years, most of the Mac releases have been focusing on making the laptops more slimmer and introducing features that didnt matter for most consumers. Yes, the touch bar is a innovative solution, but removing ports and specifications that the laptop had weren’t the compromise.


People have been complaining that the machines aren’t powerful enough to handle their tasks. And the new butterfly keyboard mechanism had its own problems. Many units failed. Apple publicly acknowledged the problems in the new keyboard mechanism. Amidst all complains, Apple announced the 2018 Macbook Pro and it seems pretty interesting.

The new 2018 Macbook Pro can be configured upto 2.9 Ghz, 6-core 8th Gen intel i9 Processors coupled with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM satisfying one of the most complained feature on Macs-the low amount of RAM. Internal storage can be upto 4TB of blazing fast SSD’s. Still no SD card slots or USB ports. We are still stuck with USB-C ports and dongles. But considering the latest upgrade, the machine seems pretty much capable of doing any task that we throw at them. Apple claims 2.8x times faster rendering speed with its Raedon Pro graphics. The Butterfly keyboard mechanism is also improved.


Apple also threw in its new T2 processor from the iMac Pro for better security and encryption on the fly. With all the power under the hood, Apple still claims upto 10 hours of battery life which is pretty interesting considering the specifications. I am still not sure how Apple managed to bring out 10 hours of battery life considering the i9 and DDR4 RAM. I guess that the processor might be under clocked for better efficiency. But Apple is known for its superb battery life in its Mac series laptops. So we can safely expect that Mac can give 10 hours of battery life under reasonable load.

With the specifications topped up, the Mac can cost upto $6000 approx. excluding taxes. In India, i pretty much dont expect the i9 version to show up and Apple might be rather willing to sell its base $1999 and $2799 for 13 and 15-inch models respectively.

Full technical specifications of Macbook Pro can be seen here.

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