Kiskinta : A Comprehensive Review

Opened in 1995, how does the park stand up to today’s standards ?

To be honest here, Chennai is not known for theme parks. None of the theme parks here are worth it when you compare it to Wonderla or other theme parks in the country. But that being said, its not that you can’t have a good time here.


Comparing with other theme parks in Chennai, Kiskinta is a water park, meaning most of the rides that you are gonna find are water based. There is only a bare minimum of land based rides in the park. And in Chennai, being a water park is a big problem as Chennai is known for its water scarcity. And that clearly can be seen in the park itself. The park only recycles water where necessary and does not even mind to replace water in other places. And speaking of water, other than in new rides, most of the rides are from 1995 and have water recycling system that is more than 20 years old.


But rides are not the same. You get the same slides and wave pools as in any water park, but the management has also managed to build some unique rides like the newly build Raging River that i felt as pretty new having the combination of old river like ride with waves. Management has also managed to rope in crowd attracting rides such as “The Tsunami” but doing little modifications to the existing wave pool, but i feel that is rather a publicity stunt in order to attract more crowd in the park. Money spent on designing the Tsunami could have been spent on new rides.


But that being said, some rides are pretty worth mentioning. The Flume Ride, the White Water River was pretty good. And although most water rides in Kiskinta isn’t unique, but all of them are fun in their own way.

Speaking of management, the staff is trained “okay”. Comparing to VGP, most rides in Kiskinta aren’t that dangerous as most of them are water based and i felt comfortable in the park. The locker rooms can be improved and also the availability of washrooms across the park.

One thing to note is that, the park would not support a large crowd. On any regular day, you are pretty guaranteed to have a good time. But on weekends when there is lot of crowd, its pretty hard. Most rides are opened in one particular time and if there is a lot of crowd, you are sure to miss some rides there. And the pools aren’t that much big. And when there is a lot of crowd, you are sure gonna face discomfort inside the pools. Pray that you dont get school children inside the park on the day you visit.


To conclude, Kiskinta is a pretty decent park to visit in Chennai. But if you are looking for both land and water rides, then Kiskinta is pretty much not the park that you want to visit. You would do pretty fine with VGP or Queen’s land ( To be reviewed soon 😉 ) in that case.

In case you want to visit Kiskinta, its located closed to Tambaram Outer Ring Road. There isn’t any bus service other than those offered by the park at particular times. If you want to travel for your comfort, you can pretty much take a share auto or an Uber from Tambaram Bus Stand.Entry ticket price is Rs.690.

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