The Uberisation.

This post is about Uber. The famous application to book taxi cabs.Short, this post is about operations of Uber in India and the impact it bought upon the country and the way people travel in cities.Two years ago, smartphone sales boosted across the country. More and more people started using smartphone in the country and the power of internet was available at hands of many.Many internet companies saw the immense potential the market had. The country which had less trust on to quote “getting services” online started using internet to avail various services. Everyone know the impact Flipkart and Amazon had on India. It changed the way people shopped in the country. Companies started rolling various applications like Food Panda, the Online food delivery company.Like many problems in the country, one of the problems India faced was availability of private transportation. Yes. Taxis and autos were available but people didn’t use them for shorter commutes mostly because of lack of transparency in cost of the services. Yes, there were rate meters but drivers rarely used them. And to blame people, we didn’t even know the cost per km for taxis and autos.Then came Uber. A company that does not own a single car or has a single driver as its employee. Uber never claimed itself as transportation company but rather calls itself as “transportation network” company. The company delivers applications to both riders and drivers who own taxis. Whenever a person wants to book a ride, all one has to do is to open the Uber app and enter the location of pickup and drop get the price for the ride and book the ride.The Uber application finds the driver who is closest to his location and informs the driver of the ride. Uber just acts as mediator and gets commission from both driver and the rider.Also driving for Uber is easy. Just download the partner application and sign up by uploading your information. All you have to have is your own vehicle. When ever you are ready to drive, just open the application and wait for a person to book a ride.Simple it may sound, Uber had two major problems.1. It has to show the drivers that it can get more riders than they usually get and actually get them to use the application.2. It has to show the people that the application actually works. Well, it’s first time such service is introduced in the country.Solution ? Uber have offers. A lot of them. Free rides worth Rs.500 for new riders. And same offer when you refer your friend. Result ? 100’s of people started using Uber. And as people came into the system, drivers followed. Uber now has 100’s of driver or partners as they call and cater the needs of 1000’s of people.And did you check the new addition ? The Uber Eats? Same as Swiggy but the difference, unlike Swiggy, Uber Eats does not hire delivery persons. Uber invites everyone with a bike to deliver for them. And this system has attracted a lot of young drivers across the city.Fun Fact: Uber does not have a customer support Center. Any queries or problems has to be raised through the application and gets solved by mail.Various questions including the safety of riders has been raised in this system. By so far so good. Even with all these impressive response from people, Uber is still facing a loss and people predict if the situation continues the company may get bankrupt in the upcoming decade. But Uber is still confident in its model and hope that it can turn things around.Hungry? Get ₹ 50 off your first order on #Uber Eats with code: eats-8oswv.

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