Why i disliked Bangalore.

I visited Bangalore a few days ago. A two day trip. I may not visited most of the city, but at the first look, i hated the city. Reason ? Read Below.

I agree. I haven’t visited a lot of cities. In fact i have been to only three cities in my adulthood. Chennai, Singapore and Kochi. I didn’t travel a lot around Kochi, so i don’t want to talk about it. But in the other two cities i visited, Bangalore lacked in one major way. Public transportation around the city.

Yes, Bangalore may have proper infrastructure to cater the cities needs. But it lags in the connections between one transportation system with another. If i have to visit a particular place, i have to either take bus or metro. The two public transportations in the city. But its poorly developed. The metro system is not implemented throughout the city, but rather a small part. Rest of the city is connected by buses.


Yes, there are lots of buses to travel around the city. But it’s just not my thing. I hate buses. And i prefer to opt less buses and more trains in my transportation. Both in Singapore and Chennai, if i have to travel from point A to point B separated by about 20 kms, i would take train from Point A to a mid point C which is the closest to point B and from point C take bus to destination point B.

Two things that makes this easier is i am comfortable with trains and secondly and mostly trains are usually much faster than buses just because they don’t have to travel through traffic in the roads. It makes travelling longer distances in city much easier. Any two points separated by about 20 kms in Chennai can be travelled in about 40 minutes in best case scenario. But the same distance in Bangalore takes about an hour and that too a best case scenario when the city is not having much traffic. This explains why Uber and Ola cabs are used more in Bangalore than Chennai.


Second, different methods of transport like buses and trains and metro’s are well connected in Chennai. Step out from metro station, you got a bus stand or a railway station for your needs. The Metro system is Chennai is designed in such a way that every metro stop has a bus stop or a railway station near it, which makes travelling much easier. But that’s just not there in Bangalore !. You have to walk for atleast 2 minutes to get to the nearest bus stop in Bangalore. And as a chennaiate, that irritated me.

The city may have good climate, good looks and cool places to visit. But what’s the use with all that if the city does not have a proper transportation system ?


Yes, i haven’t lived in Bangalore, but all i am saying is that if a person visits Chennai or Singapore for first time, he wouldn’t have trouble navigating around the city as i did in Bangalore.

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