IGTV : The next gen YouTube ?

Instagram announced it’s new application/feature yesterday. The Instagram TV to take on likes of YouTube. And here is the look into what IGTV has to offer and what’s the deal behind it.

What’s IGTV ? 

IGTV is the new feature in Instagram which allows anyone to upload 1-hour hi-res video. You can access IGTV within Instagram by clicking the new “TV” tab inside your application (which should be seen after you update the application to latest version). Or, it can be viewed from the dedicated IGTV application which can be installed from Play Store or App Store.


Users can browse through the IGTV videos by scrolling through them and it notifies the user when new video is uploaded by the person they follow.

So what’s the deal ?

What sets YouTube apart from its competitors is the vide variety of content it offers. During its early launch, it was easy to use, free to anyone who wants to access it and offered money to people who uploaded videos to the site in form of monetisation. As a result,YouTube became a instant hit among content creators. Now people with a camera across anywhere in the world could share their views with others. It created new businesses and jobs. And as people started to upload more and more content into them, people eventually started using YouTube as an alternate to television. And pretty much afterwards, other apps that came later couldn’t compete with YouTube because

  1. It’s fairly new. Content creators already have a fan following in YouTube and its hard to get a new base in the new applications. As a result people still preferred YouTube to upload videos.
  2. Lack of content, lack of traffic into the site.
  3. YouTube already have a large working capital and was able to secure deals with artists much more easily than other companies for exclusivity.(Some artists are paid to put their content only on YouTube).


And how is IGTV going to be a success ?

YouTube is a site providing content, i.e videos. Artists wanted to keep in touch with the followers with regular posts and updates. The answer? Social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Almost every famous artist over at YouTube has equal amount of fan following over at Instagram. And that followers is transferred over to IGTV. Everyone of your followers would get a notification about your video just as they would get if you post a story. And Instagram is much more personal to people than YouTube and likely to be opened more number of times. As a result, some artists may get more views for their videos than they would get in YouTube. And it solves the first two problems other companies had. And for third, Facebook the parent of Instagram has enough capital to lure in artists.

The only problem that content creators now face is that the platform is not yet monetised. And that’s for now. If Instagram wants IGTV to be an YouTube alternate, they are going to monetise the platform one day or another.

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