The Soon to be Trillion Dollar Company : Apple

Apple market cap is increasing with increase in profits and its poised to be the first trillion dollar company. Apple makes 3x more profit than Google, 2x profits than Microsoft and more net income than hundreds of Oil Companies. But what makes Apple so profitable ?

For comparison, Samsung makes displays, processor that is in Apple, but still Apple makes more profit than Samsung. Apple as a company has few products up its sleeve, the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers(Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro), Apple Watch and Apple TV (Soon HomePod). It releases new models as replacement for its previous models once a year. Apple designs iOS and macOS to run on its hardware, in other words its a part of its above said market line. But how does a company with less than 10 devices released once a year make so much profit ?

Okay less focus on some other things now. Let’s take the iPhone as an example. It’s the first device to eliminate the headphone jack, its closed and hard to use if you want to share files between an Android or a Windows device. Most of all the latest iPhone, the iPhone X costs more than a 1000$ but still, Apple was able to sell millions of iPhones in the market.


Its costly, its closed and it needs dongle to connect with a headphone. But still more people buy it. Some say its due to marketing but is it true ? Can marketing sell millions of devices ? If so, then why did phones that was marketed better than the iPhone fail ? What’s the secret sauce of Apple ?

It all comes to the vision of the company. When Steve P.Jobs founded Apple, he had one goal in mind, to bring the computing power to every house hold. In this case Steve wasn’t talking about the reducing the cost of technology, but making it easier to use and in turn make more people to use them and buy them. And Apple is running towards that goal. The smartphones existed far before the existence of a iPhone but why is iPhone so famous and successful ?

Before the iPhone, most smartphones are complex. They had many buttons on them, they were bulky, slow, and pretty complex to understand. Steve felt that proper navigation was needed on devices so small. All smartphones needed a pointing device(mouse) that could be adapted to small screen devices. Some companies thought that the scroll wheel as a excellent solution. But Steve had a better idea. A touch screen. What could be a better pointing device than your fingers? Scrolling down on contacts may be obvious now, but back then it blew people’s lives. It was fast and pretty easy to understand and use. It was fluid, like a butter, the animations blew people’s mind. Though it costed much higher than other smartphones, it became the highest selling smartphone.


Every decision Apple takes is to make the user experience much more fluid. Eliminating the head phone jack ? Apple released ear pods the wireless headphones to compensate. Unlike other bluetooth headphones which is so hard to pair, the ear pods could be paired with a click of a button. Apple makes devices that are much more closer to people. They understand that these devices are those that is as close to you as your girl friend, and they design them to be just that. And that’s that passion that makes Apple so much profitable than any other technology company.

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