The Power of Default

Ever wondered why Microsoft designs Edge browser even though no one uses it ? And why every browser you install wants you to change them into your default browser ?

Heard of Bing ? The search engine by introduced by Microsoft to compete with Google ? Probably not. About 10% of the search traffic still goes through Bing though no one actually notices them. And the reason ? Most of the traffic to Bing comes from Edge or the Internet Explorer the default browser of Windows, the operating system for PC’s designed by Microsoft. And that’s the reason Microsoft still designs Edge although no one uses it.

Google is the world’s most visited site. Although it has many products such as Gmail, Google Plus , YouTube or the Android which runs on 90% of todays smartphones, the main revenue source for Google is from Ads shown on its Google Search Page. Try searching anything on Google, the first search result the engine shows is always an advertisement and companies pay million of dollars to Google to show that advertisement. This is because people usually tend to visit the page that shows up first.


So as a result, Google wants everyone to use their search engine. And Microsoft doesn’t want Google to have full control over the search engine market. As a result, the Bing.

What does Edge have to do with it ? And whats the power of default ?

Like the way people usually visit the first site that shows up on Google, most of the people don’t actually change the default settings their systems came up with mostly because they actually don’t care to change them. And because of that about half the people still have Edge as their default browsers and Edge has Bing as its search engine, people actually visit Bing without knowing that its acutally Bing. Every time I use Edge, by habit i never visited Google. Almost 90% of the time i used Edge, i visited Bing. Bing may not be good as Google, but it does the basic job.

And that’s the reason why Google funds Android in the first place (Though Google also uses Android to collect data to personalise search result). As its OS, it can push people to use its services like Chrome and YouTube and in return it gets revenue from the traffic to Google Search. Take every application or service like Google Assistant for instance. Google Search is used.


I am a iPhone user and even though Chrome is better than Safari, i never bothered to install Chrome just because Safari does the job for me. And Google knows that. Google paid undisclosed amount to Apple just to keep Google as default browser in Safari.

And that’s the power of default. It makes people to use their most profitable service by capitalising from the natural behaviour of human beings.

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