Vivo Nex : The Next Gen. Smartphone ?

Is Vivo Nex the next generation smartphone design ?

We all have seen the moving trend towards “bezel less” smartphones. As smartphone makers reduce the top and the bottom bezel in order to increase the screen size without actually increasing the size of the phone. More about this can be read here.

It’s interesting to see where smartphone manufactures house the selfie camera and the finger print scanner.

Manufacturers like Samsung reduce the bezel size by moving the finger print scanner to back of the device but still having a top black bar to house the selfie camera. Some manufactures like Apple and One Plus opted for a notch at the top to reduce the size of the top bezel. More about notches can be read here.

Vivo on the other hand impressed the crowd at MWC by introducing the phone with first ever in-display finger print sensor. The Vivo Apex. Vivo once again impressed us all by its all new Vivo Nex smartphone.

Unlike the traditional manufacturers, the designers of the apex decided to house the selfie camera inside the phone which pops up when the camera application is opened. The design not only allows the phone to be completely bezel less, the in-display finger print sensor means that it solves the problem of the position of finger print sensor at back of the phone. Seriously, I am not a fan of finger print sensors at back of the device.

All is not great. The in-display finger print sensor is still gimmicky. It’s not as fast as others. We still have to see how the camera pop up mechanical system holds up on multiple uses and dust. And this design also means that the phone is no longer water proof. Time would have to tell how well the design stood up. But it’s interesting to see manufactures with new designs.

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