Visit to Neyveli Swimming Pool

Had a visit to swimming pool at Neyveli Township after more than 10 years. What’s the story behind it ?

Nothing’s changed from now and then. It’s the same pool that was 11 years ago. The difference ? It’s just me.

Just when taking a pre-shower before the dip into the pool, comes the flash of past before your eyes. When I were standing in the same spot as a 10 year old child fearing to enter the water. Yes, i was afraid of water. And i cried and quit the summer coaching in 3 days. After that my father tried many times to teach me swimming at the same pool many times. But my fear of water never left me. I don’t know why, but every time i enter the pool, i had a fear that i would somehow drown, even though the water was at my chest height.

11 years later, i visited Tada, and somehow i just wanted to enter the water, maybe it was the shear beauty of the nature. Every time i visited the beach, i felt scared to enter any deep as i may drown. But the water at Tada was chest height at almost every place and less others. I want to visit places, go to middle of the ocean fishing, surf the seas or maybe sometime go scuba diving. And for every wish like that i had to swim. I felt that i wont get another chance to learn swimming than Tada. There was no fear. I entered the water and to my surprise, i swam just like any other person.

And that’s when i felt, the fear i had within me for all these years, It was for no reason at all ! And there i was at the pool, 11 years later without any fear of water thinking back at the past how funny i was at almost every place inside the pool crying every time.


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