Fairy tale of a Fairy land

Human brain is one of the most creative tools. It’s imagination is beyond the limit. As a child many would have wild imaginations of fairy lands and fairy tales. Dreaming of wishes that one hopes for.

Some dream of going to places of dreams. Foreign countries, beaches and mountains. Some dream of going to outer reaches of space. Some dream of playing with a toy that they have hoped for.

As a child, I dreamt of places that made me happy. I was the only child in my family. And friends aren’t easy to find around you especially if you are living in a urban house hold.

As a child I dreamt of a fairy land, that has a tree. A tree full of mysterious people and grows everything from Apple to watermelon. And these mysterious people were my friends. Going on adventures beyond the seas, exploring new worlds beyond the horizon.

Dreams come true. And in my life they did. The fairy land in my life is called as “MIT” and it gave me everything I dreamt of. I won’t say that I had many. But I had a bunch. A bunch I could trust. And the bunch I loved. Adventures beyond the horizon became true. I wouldn’t say life was perfect there. Yes, there were troubles but that’s what life is all about. And what’s the meaning of life if you don’t get into trouble ? Ha.

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