Who exactly is a leader ?

There has been many textbook definitions of who exactly an leader is, A person who inspires his followers is the leader. But what’s more to it ?

Studying at the history of mankind, there is a deeper definition of whom we call as a leader in a social group. How is he chosen ? What exactly his qualities should be ?

Well, We all fear of the leader. One follow others blindly just because of the fear due to the powers the leader posses both in terms of money and man power. All other living beings living in a social group follow a leader just because of the fear. Lion ? The king of jungle ? Why do you think so ?

But as mankind progressed, populations increased and he began to understand many other things. We posses relations that other living organisms doesn’t. We became more matured. As we matured, we began following others not just because of fear but because of the respect and ideologies he posses. We tend to follow the person just because of the respect and trust we have towards him.

But still, both the forms of leadership exist in our world. But what exactly is the better one ?

Consider a war between two kingdoms, one ruled by a rogue king and other by a more king type. The men following the rogue king follow him just because of the fear they have towards him. But the men of the other king fight because they believe in him. At the end, these men fight till the end giving their lives happily supporting their king’s cause.

It’s not just applies to kings and wars. Leaders exist in every part of this world. From the schools we study in to the company we work in to the world we live in. What kind of a leader do you want to be?

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