One Plus 6 : Initial Impressions

One Plus announced its latest flagship. The One Plus 6 recently. How does the new phone stack up with its competitor ?

Finally One Plus launched it’s new flagship at London. And finally putting rumours aside we finally get to know what the smartphone maker has to offer this year. Specifications wise it has a Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB and 8GB options with storage space from 64 to 256 GB. Practically, almost all smartphone makers offers the similar specifications these days with minor differences. The major differences comes from 4 aspects or the 4 pillars of today’s smartphones. The camera, battery life, design and features and finally the price.


Design and Features:

One Plus opted to have a notched display as many other smartphone makers. Seems like the strange iPhone notch is not so strange anymore. The phone features a 6.28 inch 1080p Optical AMOLED display with 19:9 aspect ratio. The phone has curved back with glass finish. Comes in three colours, White, Glossy Black and Matte Black. It doesn’t have a on-screen fingerprint instead One Plus opted to have a finger print in the back. It does feature face unlock and One Plus promises crazy unlock times with both finger and face unlock.


Software wise, it comes with Pure stock Android 8.1 with Oxygen OS customisations here and there. And if you don’t like the crazy notch, you could remove it with a button within the phones software. I like the notch though. Even with a glass back, there is no wireless charging. But it is dust and water resistant this year, but according to One Plus it’s just for rain protection.


The phone features a 16MP main camera with a 20 MP secondary rear camera. Unlike the other smartphone makers, One Plus opted to use the secondary camera to improve it’s portrait mode performance. It features a 16MP front facing camera.


The impressing stuff about the camera? It is its super slow mo feature which allows its user to capture 1080p videos at 240fps and 720p videos at 480 fps respectively. Stunning !! If you are into Super Slow Mo Stuff.

Battery Life:

Finally, the battery. One Plus offers 3300 mAh battery with dash charging. Now dash charging is still industry leading in terms of fast charging, even if your juice runs out in the middle of the day 10 minutes of charge should be sufficient to keep you running. But it would be nice to have a phone that can last till end of the day ! We would have to wait till we get the battery results.


Atlast, yes there is a price bump to the price compared to last years model. The camera is expected to perform better than last year due to the increase in price. In India, One Plus starts retailing from Rs.34,999 and we do have a Avengers Special edition this year ! Avengers special edition does come at a hefty price though at Rs.44,999


Check out One Plus on Amazon.

Would i buy it ?

If its camera stands up to the expectations, Yes. But if the camera is not as good as the competitor, i may still end up opting Pixel in case of Android. But it’s a good competition though. At this price point One Plus gives a tuff competition for its challengers. But far its the best smartphone at the price point. If you don’t want to afford so much bucks for the pixel, then One Plus 6 might be for you.

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