What is going on ? : Karnataka State Elections

What is happening over at Karnataka ? And Why is the confusion ?

A small recap. BJP won 104 seats while congress won 78 and JD(S) won 37 seats respectively. After the results congress announced its support to JD(S) to form the government giving them the majority of 112 seats to form the government. Well its all and simple right ? JD(S) should have been invited to form the government ? But no. BJP was still invited by the governor to form the government. How ?

Well, the rules of whom the governor should call in such cases is not clear. It all started from the recommendations from Sarkaria Commission. The commissions role was to examine the relationship and balance of power between state and central governments in the country and suggest changes within the framework of Constitution of India. The final report had 247 recommendations among which included the recommendations on whom governor can invite to form the government in such cases. The committee recommended that the governor can invite,

  1. Single largest party.
  2. Parties with majority from coalition formed before election.
  3. Parties with majority from coalition formed after election.

The governor can invite any one them in no specific order.

But the problem started from the Supreme Courts judgement for SR.Bommai’s case on which supreme court ruled that governor should invite

  1. Parties with majority from coalition formed before election.
  2. Parties with majority from coalition formed after election.
  3. Single largest party.

in the above said orderbut governor can change his decision based on the situation in the state.

So, with no clear rule on who can form the government, the governor from his powers devised under the constitution called BJP to form the government. A similar issue came up in elections of Goa and Mizoram in which the governor called BJP’s coalition (which was formed after the election) to form the government.

INC and JD(s) filed a petition in Supreme Court which is to be heard this Friday. Judgement from the Supreme Court would truly have an impact in the country.

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