VGP Universal Kingdom. Worth It ?

Located at ECR, parallel to Shollinganallur, VGP is one of the largest theme parks in Chennai or so they say. How does VGP stack up with its competition ?

Well, if you want land rides then you take off Kiskinta off the hook. Queen’s Land is quoted as the best park in Chennai. But is VGP better?

Well, to start off VGP is the only one to have a “Snow Kingdom” biggest and coldest refrigerator in Chennai. Well, in a city that is so hot, these variety make a lot of sense. You need to buy a separate ticket costing 500 rupees more if you want to enter Snow Kingdom. The normal ticket costs Rs.500 for both Universal Kingdom and Aqua Kingdom. Universal Kingdom has the land rides while the Aqua Kingdom has the water ones.

To start, the park has Pallava styled scenery, matching with the theme of Kancheepuram. Pallavas ruled the area around Kancheepuram and the reason for the famous shore temple over at Mahabalipuram. The park was themed well when designed. But maintenance seems not upto the mark and the park. Though it had many photo scenic areas, many were closed due to lack of maintenance.

Some rides at Universal Kingdom was closed owing maintenance. Variety of the rides were good. But honestly I didn’t feel safe going on any of the rides because most of them didn’t seem safe to my eyes. Workers were clumsy adding to the looks of the rides, yes I didn’t feel safe on any of those. Twister was fun.

Aqua kingdom. Yes. I am a fan of water rides and I prefer water parks. So maybe I might speak little in favor of it. The water was good considering the scarcity around the city. But I prefer water with less chlorine, but I have seen worst. Variety could have been better. Nothing new in this park when compared to other parks. Frankly I don’t know if it’s a wave pool or not. Waves are so small that its not noticeable. And wave pool is used in the place of normal swimming pool. Yes, this park does not have a common swimming pool. The dressing rooms could have been neat. Lockers can be bigger. Seriously, you cant put a bag inside that locker comfortably. You can rent cloths for water park inside if you don’t have a spare one.

Food at cafeteria is okay. It’s cheap and taste is okay. You have enough shops inside to keep you fed. And the price isn’t too high either.

Overall, is the park worth Rs.500 ? Maybe not. But there is no other place that I know of in Chennai where you can spend an entire day. Would I give VGP an another visit ? Maybe not. Should check the other ones.


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