The Way We Cook In India.

Ever tasted a tandoor in the North and tried it in South ? Felt the difference?

I have tried cooking a variety of dishes by looking at the recipes over the internet. But the thing is the dishes never tasted the way it should be. Yes, the way the food gets cooked over at the restaurants is never same as the way we cook In our homes, but it doesn’t taste as close to it.


Looking over at a large number of websites, something I found is that there is never a common recipe for a single dish. A single dish is cooked in variety of ways. It’s when I started looking at the way Indians cook. Something that stands out is the way we add the ingredients. Every region has their own way in which ingredients are added. The one that’s commonly used in the north is not preferred in the south and the ones that we use a lot In south is used very less in the north.


And each house hold has a taste. We never add the ingredients in a fixed quantity. Each use their own guts to guess the amount that has to be added. As a result the same food tastes differently in each and every house hold.


India is a diverse country. It’s not just for cultural practices. Food is also diverse. Cross the state of Tamil Nadu into Kerala, coconut is added in abundance to every food item. Every region has a ingredient that is found in abundance in that region and that ingredient is used in large quantities. Result ? Travel across the country you can taste a variety of food.

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