End of University

Books, notes and never ending exams ? It’s more than that !

First day of college. The fear of what is to come ahead. Fear of classes, how is going to be different. Fear of leaving family and staying in a new environment. Fear of seniors around us.

Last day of college. Still, fear of what is to come ahead. But a confidence, to face what ever that is to come ahead. Something that is not thought by any books or lectures. But from just living here.

4 years ago, came a person. Juvenile in nature. Away from family ? No he isn’t. University gave him a new family. He lived with a family for 18 years, but leaving them was not as hard as leaving this family.

Problem ? ,There is always a hand to help you. From sorrows to happiness everything was shared.

Every empty class has its own story. Relations made there were meant to last for eternity while some still hope for something at symposiums.

Every hour waiting to bunk is a last bencher. And waiting to listen is a first bencher.

Empty purse and canteens. Fruitnik and Sip Ups.

Symposiums to show off class of a department. Cultural to show off class of the college.

New relations have been made and many were broken too. Mistakes was made and new lessons was learned from the mistakes. And that’s what college is about.

Would i go back in time to live it again? Who wouldn’t ?

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