Why I feel Jallikattu Protest Succeeded.

This blog post comes at the time when the voice against center’s failure to set up Cauvery Management Board is strengthening in the state. I add up some of my thoughts on why I feel Jallikattu protest had the attention of the entire nation, the one Cauvery issue is lagging.

How is this protest different from that of Jallikattu? Does this not affect the sentimental values of Tamil people as Jallikattu did?

Yes, it affects the very core of every Tamilian just as Jallikattu issue had. But you know the reason why Jallikattu protest turned the attention of every citizen of this country? It’s not because of the numbers or not because of the slogans that were made during the protest. It’s because of nature at which the protest was done.

Every newspaper in the country and every news channels spoke highly of how calm the protest was. A million people were there at Marina, but not a single barricade was needed to control them. When a bus of foreign tourists came by Marina, the protesters didn’t throw shoes at them. The led way for the bus to go through. They were protected by the protesters themselves. And that’s the reason why the Jallikattu protest is so different from Cauvery Protests. There was no damage to public property. Emotions were given away silently.

We united for a cause. People of TN united for a cause. There were no political parties involved, nor they ran the show. It’s the people who ran the shows that day. No flags of any parties can be seen anywhere at Marina. Just echoes of people. That was the time that people of TN showed that the time in which political parties in TN ran politics by their emotions has ended. And I believed that time has really come to an end.

Why do I feel Cauvery protest is not as Jallikattu? It’s because of the points mentioned above. It’s not that we can unite again, But parties in TN don’t want us to and we are yet to understand that.


  1. I accept your point. It is like the story we heard from our parents.. marina beach is on leave today.. But today it is really like that..

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