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It was a decade ago, when yellow pandemic started in India. From debut, Yellow was my life in IPL and watching a match at Chepauk a dream.

4 years ago, i joined college in Chennai. First year, strict hostel rules forced me to avoid the season at Chepauk. The year next came the ban. Chennai Super Kings was banned from IPL for two years. IPL fever faded in me. The pandemic came under control. Two years, there was no IPL for me.

Then came 2018, the end of 2 year ban for CSK. And the fever started inside me. Never i watched IPL bidding. Leave alone watching i don’t even know the rules. But this year IPL for me started from the bidding. Discussions started on when to watch the match, and raised doubts if we could book the tickets. Then came the twitter post from @chennaiipl. Practice sessions of CSK was open to crowd.


Two days passed and I waited patiently for the day to come. And it came. 1000’s of infected people came was standing in front of stands for them to open. Thousands of faces waiting eagerly chanting the anthem “CSK… CSK… “ waiting for the men in Yellow to come. And the moment came. It may be just a practice session, but the crowd can’t be more alive. Stands were filled. And the anthem of “CSK… CSK… “ , “Dhoni… Dhoni…” echoed through out the stands. 3 hours of practice. The players may have become tired. But the crowed cheered the men in yellow with their echoes bringing goose bumps to players.

And you know ? there may be thousand of people standing there in three stands. But what ever the situation might be, there wasn’t a single push or pull. Amongst the crowd were children and women standing among energetic crowd. And when a kid wanted to see closely, the crowd proudly paved way for the kid to front. And this kind of crowd is something that can be seen in Chennai. And this love is what make Chennai Super Kings, the Men In Yellow so special than rest of the teams in IPL.

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