No SmartPhone Days : Part 1

Smartphones ? Something that we can’t live without nowadays. But what if ? I tried to live without my iPhone for three days and here is how it was. 3 days without staring at the screens from morning. But seeing others staring at theirs.

I used a Blackberry curve during the period. A company the ruled the smartphone market during early 21st century. I initially planned to use an Nokia 1100, but had to shift to blackberry because of it didn’t posses 3G capability and the phone rendered useless at most cases as i couldn’t get reliable signal.

The blackberry had most of the features. Browser, Whatsapp and App store of the period and even enterprise grade secure email application. But most of them were useless because the servers were either shutdown or because the applications hasn’t been updated for so long. Those where the times when you should manually download updates from websites and patch it. Not an simple Update button. Even facebook didn’t work. I thought that i would miss the touch screen. But frankly, the qwerty on the blackberry was a breeze.

The think i missed the most was cloud music services like apple music. God i hate those days when i had to download mp3’s from various websites. Apple Music made my life much more easier. All these cloud based services are what i couldn’t live without. May it be google drive or Apple music, it made keeping stuffs much more simpler and elegant. Browsing is next to hell. Frankly the phone wasn’t designed for todays sites. But i couldn’t browse to a single website. I hanged so bad, that i needed to restart the phone once in a while.

The thing i love the most ? Battery. A single charge and i was all that was needed for 3 days. If the services that was actually there was available, then i would have lived though an entire month. No problems. Frankly we are using the services that was invented by blackberry and Nokia of those days, but coupled with an more elegant or easy way to use it.

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