Responsible Citizen Of The Country

Sometimes I wonder if I am a responsible citizen of India. And that’s not without reason. Yes, I make sure that I follow the rules of the country. But I do break them, a lot. And sometimes I wonder if I am a responsible citizen of the country just when I tend to blend into things sometimes.

One incident made me wonder as such today and that was when I was traveling to Virdhachalam on Pallavan Express. There was a simple feedback form that was to be filled by passengers after a railway employee cleans the coaches. I was sitting on my seat and the worker was getting signature from many passengers on the feedback form, but the thing is, the worker didn’t ask the passengers to fill the form but rather what he did was to ask the passengers to fill their phone numbers and signature.

He came to me and I signed it without a second thought, but the passenger next to me rejected to sign the feedback form stating that he didn’t see the worker clean the coach. And that was the truth too. There is no way that worker could have cleaned the coach with that crowd.

But that made me think, am I a responsible citizen of the country? Well, probably not. As I mentioned in a lot of my previous posts, a simple matter like this could make a bigger impact in our society and it’s time that I am more responsible in future.


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