When Nobody Cares – Indian Roads

Driving inside the city is always a havoc. Every city faces problem with the exponentially growing number of vehicles in its roads. May it be US or India, it is a problem that every country faces.

Our country has a large number of vehicles and the infrastructure is barely sufficient to support it. Yes, traffic jams are real. But is only the lack of infrastructure is to blame ? Everyone who rides a bike or car in the city knows that in India, especially in cities the person who rides tactically or saying in a more simple form, rides by breaking the rules can reach the destination more easily than others. It’s not just for following the signals, but other basic rules that governs the roads.

Simple rules from passing the signals while it’s till at red, or crossing the roads while you are not supposed to cross, not following the lane rules while driving, not using the end lane for turning left etc. These rules might be simple, and may not cause a huge impact but it breaks the system on a whole. When a person is crossing the road when you are not supposed to , a simple sudden break by one vehicle could cause an accident or in the least case an un-nessasary panic.

One thing that i have seen and irritated me the most is when people cross a busy street just by showing hands. Its not a problem when there are no vehicles or its at a distance. But when they are approaching so close at a speed and a person crosses the road what would happen ? Our roads would never get safer is no one is ready to follow the rules and importantly no one is ready to allow you to follow the rules.

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