The Cockpit Experience : 6E 859

Flying had been the dream of man kind from time indefinite. Dreams after dreams, failures after failures, the wright brothers finally flew for 10 seconds and made the dreams come true.

Flying might be to travel on an aircraft for many, but personally for me the dream has been to fly an turbo jet on my own. I didn’t want to do it as a career but rather as a passion sort of way. The story started with the series called air crash investigation that kindled the interest inside me for those flying marvels.


Among the two major aircraft manufactures, Airbus and Boeing I prefer to fly an Airbus than a Boeing mostly because of its advanced features like “fly by wire” that made air travel so much safer. And second most of the crashes shown in air crash investigation was Boeing.

I was 7 years old, when my parents took me to all India tour and we travelled back from Delhi by an Go Air flight which was also an Airbus. An A320. We went to the airport 3 hours before departure and paid extra amount to get a window seat over the wings. And that was my first flying experience. The every part that I still remember. I was afraid too. Every time I heard an sound, I coupled it with some crashes at the series. But still that was a beautiful trip. An night one.

After I joined college, I got an opportunity to go to Singapore. Singapore Airlines and an Airbus A330 this time. The aircraft that I want to fly one day. The safest in the skies. Couple of trips after that but every trip was during night. My friend told me that morning flight would be so cool and yeah I wanted to see the blue skies for a change rather than the stars. The trip to trichirapalli was supposed to be the one, but ATR and Air India made the trip so worse I didn’t even want to look out of the window.

The came the flight IndiGo 6E 859 to Madurai. A perfect afternoon flight. An Airbus. The trip I was waiting for. And the sky! that’s just beyond words! Just about the perfect trip was about to end, when I was waiting to de-board the flight, I saw the captain standing outside the cockpit. That’s when a Quora post strike my head. Some pilots allow to take a sneak peek at the cockpit at some airports where there is not too many security. It’s against the rules to allow passengers to enter the cockpit. I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to do that. I waited for everyone to de board the plane and I went over to the captain and asked if I could take a sneak peek at the cockpit. And to my surprise, he actually asked to inside and take a look. That’s something I didn’t expect. And the next 20 minutes were beyond words.

Yes, I didn’t fly the plane but still it’s something that I wanted to do for a very long time. After all I spent hours watching cockpit flight videos over at YouTube and first time into a cockpit is something that I was very happy about.

It’s just matter of time till I might fly one of these flying marvels. Time will tell.

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