Asian Seven Express : An Authentic Chinese

Chinese food, a authentic chinese food. Something that you can’t find in Chennai. Yeah there are many multi cuisine restaurants around the city, but unadulterated chinese ? Well not many hotels out there offer those choices.

After trying one after another, we were finally able to find one in the city. I wouldn’t say its complete but it’s the closest you can get to real chinese in the city.

Give out a try to Asian Seven Express over at Pheonix Market City at Velachery when you give it a visit. We had a meal complete with Chilli chicken, noodles and fish. You also have an option to have prawns instead of fish. But be prepared, you would sure miss salt and find out a large mix of spices and a pretty hot noodles but if you get the combination of the chicken and noodles correct, you are sure for a pretty good treat.

Price wise, for a combo its pretty high at Rs.300 for a combo but for one combo is more than enough dinner for a person. I am sure that Asian Seven Express would have branches around the city and i was just too lazy to check out them. But Pheonix is something that everyone would visit. Give Asian Seven Express a try instead of KFC sometime and share your experience.

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