The Singapore Airlines Experience : A Review

The nostalgic review of the A330 experience.

Travel review onboard Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Chennai.

Let’s divide the review into multiple sections. Each section would have a score individual sections out of 5 and we would average it out to find the final score.

Check-in :

    One word. Smooth. The staff was kind when handling the passengers. The Airlines had enough check in counters to handle the crowd without any queue. Though there was some trouble in handling the automatic check-in counters over at Singapore.

Score ? 4/5 considering the lack of technical support available over at Singapore.

Food and Service :

Air hostess was cute. And they were polite, handling every needs of you without any hesitation. I liked that. Towels after you board the flight after tired check in. But the towels isn’t a big surprise considering the price you pay for travel. Choice of menu wasn’t good. There were only two choices available Indian or International. But you could order special meals for you 24 hours before the flight. The food tasted okay. But not the greatest.

Score ? 5/5

Seats/Legroom :

One word. Big for economy class. Fit for someone who is even 6” tall.

Score ? 5/5

In-Flight Entertainment:

The unit was slow. The aircraft is pretty old. And it doesnt feature camera angles for take off and landing. But still the choice of movies and music Kris World offers, thats good. You have pretty good content to suit everyones needs to satisfy you on an 4 hour flight.

Score ? 4/5. I still prefer the updated in-flight entertainment systems.


There was a slight delay before take-off. But still we reached the destination 15 minutes before schedule. That’s good.

Score ? 5/5 of course.

Overall Score : 4.6/5 . The best thing in the entire fight ? The love the SIA staff shows towards you. That’s good.

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