#CES 2018 – The 700$ Helmet

It’s a $700 head’s up display (HUD)

About 5 years ago, Google announced the Google Glass product that turned the eyes of the world towards them. But after 5 years the second prototype is yet to be released and the Google Glass dream may always remain as a dream.

However, Nuviz unveiled its $700 dollar helmet that couples as a head’s up display. A helmet that is capable of making calls to listening to music, the helmet is a dream come true to many of the cyclists. Long gone may be the time when you need to mount the clunky GoPro on your helmet when you are out on trekking. Or the time when you have to struggle to get the earphone right in your ears when you are wearing the helmet.

Nuviz allows riders to integrate many technological functions into a helmet mounted device. It would be capable of making calls, playing your music, navigating you around the terrain or record your entire trip using its camera.

The possibilities are unlimited. But is the $700 dollar price point signified ? Maybe. The price depends upon the camera performance in the helmet. 4K slow mo video at 120 fps ? That seems reasonable for $700. But if you couple most of the processing power into your smartphone, the price can be reduced. Far more less that the current price cap.

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