Story Of Two : Blog Series: Ep4

Continuation of Story : Ep.4 : Story of Two: Blog Series

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What would your reply ? when a complete stranger approaches you and talk. But Seema saw something different in Raj. She saw the genuinity in him. Every other stranger who approached her before freaked her out. But in Raj she saw something different. Maybe she looked through the love in him ? Only she would know. Women are truly a mystery.

To Raj’s suprise, she thanked him and the conversation started. Raj was genuine with her. When she asked him how did she know her, he replied that he didn’t know her. He told her that he saw how beautiful she was and he knew it was her birthday and he couldn’t resist wishing her. Then went on the regular conversation and evertime Raj tired to flatter her, Seema could see right through it and mocked him down. She was a tuff one of course but to Raj, who didn’t know how to flirt at all, was doing a good job at it and it seems that Seema was falling for him without her knowledge. The conversation went for about five minutes and it was time for Seema left with her friends.

And that day Raj couldn’t sleep of course. How could one sleep after such a chatter. It’s something that he was dreaming for a long time. Yesterday, Seema was a complete stranger to him, but today he know a pretty decent knowledge about her.

They both talked. So what’s next in Raj’s life ? That’s to be seen in the next Episode of this blog series.

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