The Zeroth Review Experience : Before We Go In

How is the zeroth review ? Before we go in?

Our team mate, Thasnem Banu was very concerned about the review. But however my other team mate E.B.Raghul was concerned about the fact that he had to go to CEG after the review was over.

We haven’t prepared much for the review except for the presentation. The team who went before us was very prepared. They stood and discussed for about an hour before the review started.

But when we are about to go in, EBR got tensed.

We don’t know how its gonna go.. Lets see.

UPDATE:  After the review. Our reactions be like… ” What happened in the review? What questions did they ask? ” .When you and the team before you get trashed out for the same question and get a lecture after end of review. That’s life

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