Story of Two: Blog Series Ep.3

Continuation of Story : Ep.3 : Story of Two: Blog Series

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Just about when Raj thought everything was over, Semma was standing in front of him in a Cafe shop. It was her birthday. There she was surrounded by her friends, cutting a cake and Raj was watching in suprise. Dream come true for him huh ? The humming of the birds just got higher and higher in intensity that the only thing he could listen is the voice of her laugh as she celebrates her birthday with her friends. Just if a light has been lit up above her and the entire room was darkened, the only thing that he could see was her. He couldn’t think of anything else than her.

Semma went to wash her hands, and there was Raj standing to wish on her birthday. “Happy Birthday” he said. That was a suprise for Seema. A stranger wishing her. Raj didn’t know where he got the courage from. But he made the move and wished her.

What would Seema reply ?

What would happen next in Raj’s life?

Rest for next post folks.

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