Changi Airport Singapore

Two Words : Big and Beautiful.

Like an entire city inside. Changi Airport is one of a kind. The largest airport in Asia, both in terms of size and passenger flow.  The first impression you get when you enter any country done right by Singapore.

With its four large terminals each equipped with 24 gates to handle enough A380’s for the next decade. Changi was all about beauty and technology intergrated. Those designs were one of the best i have ever seen. Even though i was there at the airport for a limited time, i was awe-struck with its interiors, airport with sofas like you were in a first class lounge.

The airport was completely automated right from immigration. Scan your passport, print out your boarding pass and self check in your luggage, you are all set. Even at the immigration there is no personnel to be seen other than automated machines. Scan your passport, first door opens keep your fingerprint, done, your immigration is complete. A hassle less immigration. No queues. Airport that is always one step ahead of the rest.

If you can’t find a service in Changi, probability of finding it in rest of the other airports is less. No wonder the rated best in the world for years.

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