Somethings our country has to change

Trip to Singapore has been very resourceful. There is an another post in which i would post about the technological stuffs there but i felt that there are few stuffs that i like about that country from the first time i visited it.

First thing is cleanliness. You cant find a single paper or cover in middle of the road. That’s what makes the city so clean. So, how is the city so clean ? All is because there is a dust bin at every side of the road at a 100 meters distance. You don’t need to search fo them. You just can see them. That simple thing makes a huge difference. If every shop keeper in our country keeps a dust bin outside their shops, then it reduces the burden on the government and also dustbins everywhere. But most importantly its the people that needs to change. If there is no change, then there is no hope.

Second is the habits of the people. Standing at left side of the escalator so that people who are going urgently or carrying luggage can go freely at the right. Or allowing elders and children to board and deboard the bus at first. Or the bus driver stopping the bus seeing people running to catch the bus. There are simple things. But these simple things makes a huge difference in the way we live.

There are many things that i fell that must be discussed. But i prefer to keep it for future posts because i need content for future posts.

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