Kodaikanal: Princess Of Hills

End of 2017 was nearing, and it was time to plan the last trip for the year. End the year with a bang ? And it was a bang. Planning started from Coorg and ended at Kodaikanal.

Reason for Kodaikanal ? The climate of course. Chilling 11 degrees. Perfect for a December trip.
Kodaikanal was surely the Princess of hills. Short history of Kodaikanal, the earliest residents of Kodaikanal were tribal people. Morden Kodaikanal was established by American Christian Missionaries and British bureaucrats in 1845.

Sunny the morning was. Misty the afternoon was. Awkward isn’t it ? The viewpoints was filled with mist. Nothing can be seen other than a blanket of white mist in front of you. The mist slowly passing by you, just like the clouds in the heaven. It was surely the heaven. The chillness that is brought upon you when the mist passes through your body, something that is to be experienced. Yes, we didn’t see the beauty of the hills from the view point. But we experienced something different. Something that cant be explained by words. After tiring 3 hours of walking, you sit inside a pine forest with 11 degrees of temperature ? That is truly un explainable experience.

The water in the falls were sure like the droplets from heaven. When they pass through your legs, the chillness and the freshness of the water. That’s truly unraveling experience.

A mistake in the entire trip ? Trekking the entire way. It made us so tired, we decided to skip two viewpoints. But we wouldn’t have had the same experience like we had now if we had took the cab to the view points. It depends upon ones personal wish. Personally, even though we skipped two view points, i still prefer trekking in the hills. Try to eat a corn or a bread after three hours of hiking. The feedback your stomach gives back. That’s happiness.

Please Check out the Vlog and give feedback in the comments below.

All Pictures Shot on iPhone 8 and Compressed to suit AWS.


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