Playback: 2017

As every year, 2017 started with a hope that this would be something different from other years. 2017, in short, has been full of lessons, sorrows and full of adventure and fun. Meeting new people and making new relations.This is gonna be a big article so bear with me.


Every year starts with Pongal, the festival of Tamil Nadu. And this Pongal has been special. Just out from the sorrowful death of J.Jayalalitha, the state saw the enormous student protest in favour of Jallikattu. Millions of students gathered on the shores of Marina and in various places around the state. One of the most peaceful protests, safe for women, the protest turned the attention of national media towards Tamil Nadu. I gave the sense of pride and showed the youth that APJ.Abdul Kalam has dreamed of. The state also saw some enormous transformations in its ruling which we wouldn’t discuss much in this article.

Spur Meets organised by Spur was the final and best event organised by Spur. Showed our weakness in organising large scale events and at the same time showed the potential of Spur.


Into the month of February, it started with the CodeFunDo, the 24-hour hackathon by Microsoft at College Of Engineering, Guindy. Some important lesson, do what you can within the time frame. Do quality work and don’t expect to show a lot of quantity. Try to do a short quality work in the time frame given. If we had done that, we would have had a solid chance to win in the competition which we failed. We had 20 hours to complete an application but we wasted about 15 hours trying to figure out to expand the quantity but not focus on the work that should have been done. If we had done the 5 hours of coding we did in the 15 hours, then I am sure that we would have given a tough fight.

               February also saw the trip into the National University of Singapore, the university that showed me how research should have been done. How the field has been enhancing at a rapid pace.

How can we forget Mitafest in February? The local fest with the theme to promote Tamil culture.


March has been one of the most dramatic moths in the entire year. Things that I should feel ashamed of my eternity and trips that changed the face of me.

            A message that changed almost everything and the adjoining 1700 Kms that ruled my decisions for the upcoming months. The 24 hours which I wouldn’t have crossed if Pravin Srinivasan and my friends weren’t with me. That dinner at Anjappar with Akilan. Something that had a long-lasting impact.


Susil’s brother’s marriage brought a new change in me. Meeting up with old friends gave a much-needed relief. Followed by exams.




Trip of a life time into Wayanad. The world of wonder and beauty. The falls that bought us back to our childhood. The hills that replenished the mind in an enchanting way. Wayand was one of the best trips I took in my entire life time.


As with every month of June, Book Fair at Neyveli is always the highlight.


When IT took off on IV. The time when I learnt what loneliness. Something that I didn’t need to experience in my entire college life.


Started with the Big Bang Theory along with the initial upcoming to start up the TED Club Of MIT. Getting permission from the dean to start a new club and get a team ready from ground.
Inauguration of TED Club by Vice President Of Airbus Industries is one of my biggest accomplishments in college.


Again TED Club of MIT with its Innovate, the first event we held at our campus.


Pravin Srinivasan’s mobile is the highlight.


The trip to Tada, the sudden unplanned trip that again showed the beauty of nature. The crystals of water that took our breath away. A place that we have to visit again.


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