The sense of humanity around you

Was standing by the roadside at Tambaram, suddenly a loud crashing sound. A vehicle just collided with a cow in the middle of the road. Suddenly the person who was driving behind, hit a standing car by the roadside.

A small girl, 6 years maybe got injured and was crying. There was bruises on her leg. The entire road surrounded them and they were lifted up. They had few injuries. The girl was still crying from the pain of her bruise. Her father was standing pathetically thinking where to get water as all the water in the bottle they had was spilled during the accident.

Seeing the girl crying, from nowhere a person came forward and poured water on the girl’s bruises. She stopped crying some time later. Then comes the sense in your mind. a mindset that everyone should have, a sense of humanity, helping a person in need. It may be anyone. An old lady who is unable to lift her heavy bag or a small girl who is standing in the bus in heavy crowd. It’s this mentality that pushes our generation forward.

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