The Shopping Center Of Madras

Shopping ? Well, everyone knows that T.Nagar is famous for shopping. But what makes it so unique and different from other places in Chennai?

Well, everyone who visits Chennai would sure give a visit to T.Nagar, the shopping central of Madras. With ever-crowded streets, you can find almost anything at cheap rates. At least almost everything that looks like everything. Yes, from Nike to beats, you can find it in the streets.(If you are looking for manufacturer warranty of the beats, you should find the manufacturer first). Pricing that varies from person to person based on their looks and the way they speak. The bolder you speak, the cheaper the price gets. It’s a street that’s alive from 4 in the morning to 12 that night.

A View Of The Busiest Street Of T.Nagar

Some quick facts about T.Nagar,

It’s the biggest shopping district in India in terms of revenue accounting for Rs.200 million annually.It’s the Unofficial commercial capital of the city pushing back Parrys Corner. Usman Road is the costliest stretch of commercial road in the country and commercial land rates per square feet in the country is about Rs.11,600(minimum). Imagine, just a square feet of area costs a lot. Really really lot.Each time you are walking, you are stepping over Rs.11,600. Pothys, Nalli Silks, Saravana Stores, Chennai Silks name a store, you can find every store there.

History of T.Nagar:

A little history, the town was named after P.Thegaraya Chetty carved out from erstwhile Mambalam Zamindari. Following the laying of the sub urban tracks, and the famous Mambalam station was opened. The retail industry started after the establishment of Nalli Chinnaswami Chetti’s textile showroom which was later upgraded into Kancheepuram Silks. Before writing this article, I literally thought that the entire region was owned by Mr.Selvarathnam the founder of Saravana Stores which has the biggest retail presence in Chennai.

Another quick fact, Saravana Stores annual income in the year 2017 is 57 billion Rupees.

View Of A Store Of Saravana Stores Franchise

One thing that everyone should have when they go shopping at T.Nagar is patience. Yes. You should have a lot of patience if you are going to shop over at T.Nagar. There are plenty of choice of shops where you can get the same item at varying prices at different shops. If you are looking for a specific item, then you should search a lot. If you have no idea about what you are looking then roam around look at many shops at getting the best of them. If you are getting a thing from street side vendors always don’t accept the initial price. Always bargain to get the best price.

Street Side Vendors Over At T.Nagar

Atlas when you are hungry, try the small Amla fruits over at street side vendors. With Chilli Power and salt combination, it tastes awesome. And also fruits and juices are also available. Simply T.Nagar is a complete package to fulfil your shopping experience.

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