Detroit Food Safari : Hotel Virudhunagar

Chettinad Mutton And Fish.

It’s time we visited “Hotel Virudhunagar” at T.Nagar. We have heard it many time from our friends, but i never got a chance to visit it until now. Virudhunagar being my home town, the name did catch my attention and persuaded me to go to the restaurant.

The ambience of the hotel is perfect for it’s Chettinad style. Leaves and Pillars. Wodden Chairs and Tables. The menu was a little costly, costing similar to Buhari hostel chains for comparison.

We had steamed rice coupled with Nethili Fish Curry and Sankara Fish Curry. Little Spicy and little sour. Coupled with Mutton Chuka, which was a perfect Chettinad with it’s pepper. I won’t recommend the hotel for anyone who wants to eat Chettinad dishes in Chennai. But, if you are for shopping in T.Nagar and want to try Chettinad dishes for dinner after a tired day of shopping, “Hotel Virudhunagar” would suit you just fine.

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