Detroit Food Safari : IceKraft – T.Nagar

Chocolate Blended With Oreo Choco Chips.

Ice creams, I have tried Ibaco. But never I have felt that it was worth the money that I was paying. Yes, you can custom make your flavour and your choice of add-ons, but it’s not fitting for me.

“IceKraft” it’s something different. We tried a normal premium version in which you can custom make your flavours just like Ibaco and “Choco Lava Monster”, which the shop owner mentioned that’s what the shop was famous for. Obviously, we didn’t know that because it’s the name board and the shop’s lighting that attracted us.

The blueberries with our Vanilla Whip add-on tasted perfect. Its vanilla mixed with blueberries by hand tasted awesome.

But it’s the Choco monster that tasted like something that I have never tasted before. Two scoops of vanilla, Oreo biscuits and chocolate cream, the blend was just perfect. With chocolate chips as an add-on, and hot chocolate to accompany, its something that everyone must try. Just as he mentioned it was something different. Like eating a biscuit straight out from the cooler, a biscuit that’s creamy like an ice cream.

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In T.Nagar? “IceKraft” is something that everyone must try! Chennai.

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