Fastest Way To Travel Around The World

Adventure ? How fast can you circumnavigate around the world? From Our city Chennai !!

The rules are simple.

You should start from a point, travel around the world and reach the same point again.
Have to travel to every continent in the world.

Well, we start from Chennai. Most of the winds along the path of commercial jets travel along the east, thus that’s the direction that we want to fly. Flying along the direction of the winds reduces our travel time.

We are already in Asia, out next destination would be Australia. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Australia from Chennai. It makes our next destination as Changi International Airport over at Singapore. Reason ? Singapore has the largest number of flights to Australia.

Changi International Airport


We start our journey by 11:15 PM Singapore Airlines flight over to Singapore. A total journey time of 4 hrs and 10 minutes. We reach Singapore by 5:55 PM to be exact. After an hour of layover at Singapore, we catch the 7:05 AM flight over to Sydney that takes about 7 hrs and 55 minutes. Now our total travel time is 12 hrs 15 minutes.

Our next destination is to reach the America’s. We reach Sydney by 5:55 PM I don’t know if it’s some lucky number to Singapore Airlines. From Sydney, we take the 9:40 Hawaiian flight to Honolulu then to JFK New York. Total flight time? 25 hr and 15 mins. It makes our total travel time of 37 hrs 30 minutes.

JFK International,New York.

After a 4 hr stop over at New York, we take a flight to Bogota via San Juan, Puerto Rico. Total flight time is 9 hrs and 50 minutes, our total flight time is now 51 hrs 20 minutes. After a 2 hr stop over, we head over to London via 11:00 PM Avianca Non-Stop flight with a flight time of 10 hrs and 30 minutes, our total journey now is 63 hrs and 50 minutes. 4hrs break at London, its time we head to Africa.


Over to Johannesburg via British Airways Airbus A380, the flight time is 11hr and 5 minutes, 78 and 55 minutes is our total journey time. We take our final journey home via Dubai after a 4 hr break, via Emirates. Our final journey time now is 92 hrs and 15 minutes. Approximately we have a total journey of 4 days to complete our entire journey. Tired ? Let’s take some rest. This list is based on my calculations. Found a quicker route? Comment below.

Johannesburg Airport,South Africa.

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