Tesla Roadster. Ver2.0

It’s a pretty late one and it’s about the Tesla Roadster Ver.2.0

Tesla, Elon Musk, SpaceX these words are synonymous with the innovation of the 21st century. Elon’s three-part plan for Tesla was,

  • Build a costly car – It was the Roadster Ver1.0
  • Build a less costly car – The Tesla Model S
  • Build a Mass Production affordable car – The Tesla Model 3

Now in a recent Tesla event, Elon Musk announced Tesla Semi-Truck and the Tesla Roadster Ver2.0. Semi-Truck, yea it was interesting but I don’t know much about trucking. And the semi-truck seems a good one. A million mile guarantee? Cool.

But that’s boring. It’s the Tesla Roadster we are talking about. The supercar of Tesla. That would cost $200,000 with reservations open now at $50,000 and the remaining to be paid full during the car delivery at 2020.

The Specs? The man the specs are insane! 0-60 at 1.9 sec and the first production car to break the 2 sec barrier. 0-100 at 4.2 secs and with a top speed of over 250 mph! This is the car! The Model S has insane acceleration speeds and the Roadster just beats the beasts of Ferrari out there!

Furthermore, the car battery capacity is twice that of Model S battery and it’s aerodynamically designed for efficiency and speed. The result? The gives out a mileage of 620 miles per charge! That’s something big. That’s more than a 1000 km on a single charge! Something most gasoline cars still fail to deliver on its fuel tank.

To make things further interesting, Elon hinted further additions to Roadster mentioning rocket additions to Roadster? Is the car gonna fly? Sure, Elon Musk gave his concept of flying cars in future, But is the future truly here? Check out Elon’s tweet below and give out your interpretation of the tweet in the comment below!


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