iPhone X Hand’s On and Samsung’s way to compete it.

One Word !! Gorgeous !!!

November 3 was the date when iPhone X was released. From that onwards, I have been trying to get my hands on it. But wherever you try, the phone is just “OUT OF STOCK”. The phone that is too popular and short in supply.

    We can’t blame Apple entirely for it. The FaceID system is one of the complex system to manufacture. Finally, nearly after a month after its release, I got my hands on the X and first impressions? The machine is built like a tank ! The stainless steel band and the glass black feels premium in the hand and is weighted perfectly to look solid. It should be considering the $1000 price point. Apple gave a lot of attention in designing the phone. Sure its Apple and it’s known for its best designs. Even though the camera system is similar to iPhone 8, Apple changed its orientation to give the X its iconic look.

    The display? Its the upgrade iPhone users have been asking for a long time. The OLED panel is one of the best panels that I have ever seen. It’s not much warm and saturated as the Samsung counterparts. Even though the panel for the iPhone is manufactured by Samsung, the panel is custom tuned by Samsung to meet Apple’s demands. Result ? The display is neutral and colours pop not too much and perfect for my eyes even though I would like it to pop a little more.

    Performance is top notch. It’s Apple. It custom tunes its parts for top performance always and the silicon just crushes the benchmarks. The Qualcomm and Exynos counterparts have a lot to catch up.

    Face ID worked perfectly on the short period I had it in my hands. But various reviewers claimed it to have some problems, those which TouchID had during its release and you had to change some of your habits.

    Something that I felt weaker was the camera. The portrait mode on the iPhone X failed to blur the background most of the times. I blurred my hairs or it didn’t blur the background evenly. It’s still in its beta and software update may improve it like it did in the iPhone 7 portrait mode. The back camera is less saturated than the one on the Pixel. Personally, i would prefer the camera on the Pixel.

    Final part. Samsung’s way to compete with the iPhone X with its Note 8. 15 minutes of charging from 0-100%. What ? Yes. Samsung has asked the representatives in the store to give special dialogues for Note 8 and force the customers to check it out. But that’s ok. But when did Note 8 charge up in 15 minutes? And Iris sensor on Note 8 is superior to FaceID? What !! Promotions like these is what makes me mad. When asking the representative about it, he mentioned that the store and Samsung have specifically asked them to promote Note 8 to customers. Samsung is really desperate to sell the Note’s it seems.

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