My choice: Best Burger So Far !

I haven’t tried it everywhere. But I have tried the most famous ones. McDonald’s, KFC, Rich and Creamy ( 😛 ). But it has never been my choice anywhere. I never felt that burger tasted good that I should try it again.

But it has changed. I never thought burger at Cafe Coffee Day would make me like a burger! Authentic taste? I don’t know but with a lot of fruit and leaves, and spices of course! It’s one of the tastiest burgers that I have ever tried !!

Rest of Cafe Coffee Day, I am not a caffeine fan. But the coffee here is decent. But if you are the guy who likes iced cafe varieties, then CCD is not the place for you. Sides are decent. Combos felt reasonable in the price point of view. Overall the place is pretty okay for the price ( Comparing with the other cafe shops). There is a decent choice of food.

Fruitzers an addition. but had a lot of ice in them, a lot of water reducing the taste. Not a fan of them. Overall satisfaction rate? 3/5. Would I return to CCD? Yes ! for the burger !!

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