The Trip To Tada

Nature at its best. Unfiltered. It’s Tada for you. ( Includes Video Of Trekking 😉 )

Tada, located shyly near TN-Andhra Border, it’s approximately 80 km from Chennai City with the falls 20km from the town of Tada. We rented a self-drive car to reach Tada. It took 3 hrs of driving to reach the falls including the pit stop on the way to have the breakfast. There are no gravel roads to the falls. But its pathed well to drive a car into it, even though the risk of puncturing your wheels is high. Make sure you start early, the falls open from 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening.

From the parking, we thought the falls is nearby. But there we started our trekking into the rainforest. We might have walked 20 km, I am not sure. It’s a rocky path. Make sure you are properly hydrated and your stomach is full. An hour of walk is in front of you. The path full of places to fill your timeline for the next month. And the water !! Man !! it’s one of the cleanest water I have ever seen !! Fresh from heaven. Untouched.

Full of rocks and boulders and water pits, you would finally reach the falls itself. Not a big one though, if you are expecting something like Courtallam, it’s not for you then. But it’s the most natural one I have ever seen. Full of water pits to have fun in. We never knew how the time went. It brought us back to our childhood, playing in the water and forgetting the world around us.



Reaching Tada :

From Chennai, there is a local train that leaves to Sulurpetta from Chennai Central EMU. There are about 17 trains every day. Do check the timings. It takes 2 hours from Chennai Central to Tada. From Tada, you can rent an auto to the Falls. It would cost approximately 1000 for 4 people this way.

If you have a car, NH-16 takes you to Tada, from where you have to travel 20km to reach the falls.

Entry ticket per person into falls is Rs.20 and Rs.50 for two-wheelers and Rs.200 for a car.


Eat before you reach the falls. There are no shops around the area. There is a kiosk at falls entry, where you can buy snacks and water.But as a precaution but it somewhere else. Wear slippers. The rocks are hard to walk on. And finally, be ready to walk. You have to walk. A Lot.

So far the best trekking that I have ever gone in my college life next to Kuruwadweep. It’s a place that everyone must visit. My advice, go as a gang of people. Minimum 4 and enjoy.

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